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Lancaster DJ – Hiring Tips
Hey, It appears you’re looking for a DJ for a special event!

Where do you start? What do you look for?

How do you make sure you find a DJ that is going to represent you professionally in front of all of your guests?

1. Make sure you are dealing with a real professional and not just a number from Craigslist!

DJ’s that take their business seriously will have a registered business name and insurance. Ask for a copy of that documentation.

2. Chat about your event and make sure your DJ is on the same page as you as to how they are going to run your event.

3. Do you want party games, mixer events, trivia, music count-downs, raffles, prize give-aways or are you having a once in a lifetime event
like a wedding, bar mitzvah, or sweet 16. If so make sure they are very comfortable running your event. Ask them to give some examples of
how they might handle parts of the event, so you are comfortable with their approach.

4. Ask how they are going to make the event fun for your guests. Do you like their ideas?

5. Make sure they are using clean radio edits, you probably do not want profanity in front of your guests!

6. Ask for references and verify them! Ask how many music request will be taken and how they will be managed?

7. Always get a written contract that covers all concerns for all parties!

8. Remember, always ask your questions up front and make sure everyone is in agreement and then you can relax and truly enjoy your event; but remember, the best DJ’s book early so call us today and book your professional DJ for your event.

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